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All are welcome to visit GoreanChat, it is a place to learn of Gor and what it means to be Gorean. The only exception to this welcome is to those known as GAMERS. Their style is not wanted or desired in GoreanChat. If you are not somewhat serious about behaving in a honorable Gorean way, do us all a favor and stay out of GoreanChat. Guardians of the Site are authorized and will Boot you without warning! To all slaves that do not wear a collar, it is strongly suggested that you read the GoreanChat Rules. To all others, it would do you well to also read the changes in GoreanChat's rules.

Our Commitment

Throughout GoreanChat's long and colorful history one constant has guided its evolution: GoreanChat is a committed open and multi-faceted online virtual reality Gorean experience. We respect the views and opinions of those that interact within this Site and expect that this same respect be given in return, to the Home Stone in general and to those that populate our homes and cities.

GoreanChat strives to act in an impartial Gorean manner at all times and will address all concerns or issues that any may have via the proper channels listed in the Laws/FAQ.

As a Gorean virtual reality role-play and chat site GoreanChat endeavors to provide a consistent and realistic level of Gorean protocol while allowing the growth and development of those that populate the Site and the areas they call "home". We hold ourselves to a high degree of internal discipline and expect the same from those that interact within the walls of GoreanChat.

GoreanChat invites you to enter and welcomes you as you explore this area of online Gor. Be strong, show basic mutual respect, and be open to learning and explorations of the GoreanChat philosophy. Embrace the Gorean world created by John Norman in the books of Gor and you will be welcome.

Please be advised that GoreanChat has posted all current laws and expectations and ignorance of said laws and expectations is NOT a valid excuse or defense for ill action or behavior. Moderators can and will escort violators out of the Site without warning.

By clicking the ENTER CHAT button, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years old and that you agree to these terms.
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If you are interested in becoming a member in GoreanChat we now are offering four different levels of membership, and two different ways to pay for your membership.

GoreanChat WebMail -Terms of Use-

GoreanChat is intended for consenting adult audiences. Minors are not allowed here for any reason. You may encounter off color language and nudity, depending on the room you select. If these materials offend you, or if they are illegal in your jurisdiction, then please DO NOT proceed any further.

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